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Thread: Where the hell is my damn...

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    Token drunken Irish guy
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    Where the hell is my damn...

    ...AntiOnline Official Lunchbox eh?

    Three bloody years I wait for a store and no fecking lunchbox, out-bloody-rageous!

    Wait till I get on to my local representative.

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    You see..............the Union Fairy is always around?

    What is your local?

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    OMFG we have been infested by something that has long outlived its usefullness.....

    grr on unions
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    And no hats, in white and black and gray. (the decoder ring was suppose to be free, but you can't even buy it.)

    And you have to use a bloody credit card
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    Re: Where the hell is my damn...

    Originally posted here by Ennis
    ...AntiOnline Official Lunchbox eh?

    Three bloody years I wait for a store and no fecking lunchbox, out-bloody-rageous!

    Wait till I get on to my local representative.

    what! you haven't gotten yours yet?
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    I am sure in time they will add new products to what is already there. at least I hope they do

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    I mean no offence to ennis or the other posters, but this thread
    has been talked about before, and should suffer the same fate as

    this thread

    It seems that antipoint status sways opinions, and creates inconsistancy regarding
    what is negged off the boards, and what is left, regardless of the quality of it.

    How is this a relevant or even a half decent thread? A newby posting similar would
    be shown just how the reds work.

    If you feel i am out of line for posting bs about a bs lunchbox thread, then the standard
    and consistancy many here have complained about, will never be achieved as long as
    threads like this postsd by some, are not negged and shown the exit.

    Anyways seems like i'm floogging a dead orse, so that's just my opinion, if am i wrong or out
    of line, i'm sure i will be told so.....

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    Well I guess you made your point.

    However, the decoder ring I was promised does deal with security and I could have used it to Decrypt/Encrypt messages and also with Steganography. Hell I could have written a tutorial on proper use and safeguarding physical access/protecting the passkey etc.

    So I too am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my booty for association with AO.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Didnt u hear that moderators dont get their lunchboxes ? I got mine 3 days ago ....i guess 3 times banned members get them faster

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    Hell, I have yet to recieve the AO t-shirt I was promised aeons ago, yet alone a cool lunchbox. Fat chance of that happening now with JupM in charge.

    Ya know they (JupMedia) fail to grasp what heights that would escalate them to, with a bunch of senior members walking around society with AO shirts on. Oh well, their loss.
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