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Thread: country fixed computer!

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    country fixed computer!

    First you should go to your local sports store if you do not have a bat...
    Or you can also use crowbars, anything metal like that.

    Oky so first you reach down and hug your computer and kiss it because YOU LOVED IT ( at 1 point ) now it needs a country style fixen....
    oky so we have almost all our equipment... Just to be safe you should go get some safety glasses. Because this job can get crazy and hectic and maby even a little fun...lol

    Okey now that we are ready. You need to make a 12 foot clearing in a strait line twords your computer... you no a little breathing room ( actually running room but your comp does not need to no that )...lol

    so now we just walk back to the end of your clearing. Take a deep breath and run full speed at that dam computer and swing do not quit untill you are satisfied that it has got a good ass country fixen
    which means that it is old and shity and broken looking and does not work like everything else out there in the old country...lol
    after you are tired you need to take a break! No you do not you need to take another run that computer is not done untill it is broken into little dust it has to be sweepable so do not let up untill it is done... LOL
    when you feel that it has had enough... to pay some what respect you can sweep it or clean it all up and then you can now replace it or tell some one it desingrated or something and if they do not beleive you, you can show them that proof you saved and that should prove them all wrong...

    and you have just saved the environment by recycling your old pulvorized computer and you should be proud of yourself!

    AND be proud you just beat the hell outa that dam thing that has gave you trouble but do not feel bad for the goodtimes... just replace her it will be all good! LOL

    i wrote this because my cousin lives out in the country area in idaho he goes to a school that is 7th to 12th grade and lukily 300 people are at it... but he told me last week he got mad at his computer and called dumb soo his little brother said he helped him by fixing it grandpas country style. i had to ask what this was... he said that his little borther said that there grandpa said that "all dumb things should be beat like i used to when i was a dumb little kid, and my dad used to call our wuppins a country fixen so if you ever see some one dumb you should country fix it." So this little kid... he is only 7 started waking the hell outa of his brothers computer for calling it dumb... i almost peed my pants when i heard this... if you would of seen his face OHH MY GOSH it was funny!

    by the way he had a new dell desktop it cost $499...lol

    BY the way i am comedian... and this is true so i got bored and moedded it up a little...

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    LOL....you guys should hear jr05linux sometimes....he is so funny i can barely stop laughing around here. Nice one as usualy chris.

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