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Thread: Hijacked IE

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    Instead of doing a format and reinstall why dont you try doing a restore back to a date when my search wasnt infecting your computer programs/accesories/system tools/restore this might get rid of it without reinstalling windows
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    Vampiress, if you had a power failure while installing software, you could have more of a problem than just a hijacker.....and it sounds like it.

    If you have and/or are willing to make backups of any important data you might have, then a reformat and reinstall of you OS might be the best thing to do.

    I would highly suggest though that you consider another browser besides IE6, at least untill they get some of the more recent bugs out of it. You said you didn't like mozilla, but did you try the mozzila Firefox? It is a small light wieght browser that you can install extension in that cover almost any need you may have. It is also very quick and dependable. Also less succeptable to hijacks and maleware that IE6.

    It is quite easy to do a complete reformat and reinstall, but all told it takes a couple of hours, if you have broadband, and considerably longer if you have dial up. And it is the Microsoft updates that take most of the time.

    If you have a cd burner, than it would be advisable to down load a good av and firewall before you start and install those before you even go online the first time. Personally I would suggest AVG by Grisoft for your av and the Kerio firewall as your firewall.....both are free.

    Also install the newest Spybot S&D and then update it and run the immuninizations section of it. Also as a complimentry program, SpywareBlaster is excellent for stopping alot of maleware from ever being loaded.

    What ever way you decide to go -- reinstalling or working it out -- Good Luck
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    Seems nobody recommended HijackThis! and I would think it should handle the problem. If you're not sure what the scan log's all about then post it here and somebody will be more than happy to help out. HjT! will also take away the problem of digging into the registry as it would do it on its own and bring up the relevant keys.

    Anyway you could remove stuf fon your own but again it might result in more problems than you already have. So if you're not sure bring the log here.

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    Originally posted here by cytex
    Instead of doing a format and reinstall why don't you try doing a restore back to a date when my search wasn't infecting your computer programs/accessories/system tools/restore this might get rid of it without reinstalling windows
    I turned that feature off when I walked into virus.

    It all seems ok now. I got rid of a few registry bugs, and deleted the folder, re-set the home page again. Rebooted Then found find manger is actually lop.com. Went there and found the un-installer and bingo I seem to have (touch wood) hijack free.

    Ie unfortunately is in a sorry state, it needs repair but XP hasn't got the repair feature Me used to have, but is functioning. The passwords are shot to hell, so I may yet do a re-install.A fresh machine to start loading useless programs onmight be a better move yet.

    I'll check out firefox.

    Thanks all for the help.
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