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Thread: Unix Kit for Windows

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    Arrow Unix Kit for Windows

    Hey All,

    Was watching TechTv and heard about this 6MB collection of tools that allow you to use Unix apps on Windows. No installation required (unlike Cygwin) and easy to carry around on a jumpdrive.

    Allows you to use sh, vi, bash, ls and other unix related tools.

    Here's a complete listing:

    Unlike Windows Services for Unix, it isn't made by Microsoft. 'Nuff said.

    The -tiny branch presently includes:

    arc arj bash bunzip2 bzip2 bzip2recover cat chmod cksum cp csplit cut dd df diff du file find fmt fold funzip grep gunzip gzip head join less ln ls md5sum mkdir more mv nano nl paste patch pico pr rm rmdir sed sort split stat tac tail tar touch tr tsort uniq unrar unzip uudecode uuencode vi wc wget zip zsh

    To use it, simply unzip, cd into the unixkit-tiny directory, and run sh.bat. That's it! You should know what to do from there if you're a Unix geek.
    (To see a screenshot: http://jlb.twu.net/code/images/unixkit-tiny1.png)

    So check it out at http://jlb.twu.net/code/unixkit.php

    Note: Compiled by J.Blank

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    This is another one, Unixism: http://users.adelphia.net/~fewhaley/Unixism.htm

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