I felt a need to say something about all this...

First of all, I fully agree with people here saying that the weakest part of computer system is interface between seat and keyboard/mouse (= user).
Also, I have to admit two things:
1. my windows box was cracked once, because of my stupidity to start exe attached in some e-mail. Thank God, it was 5 years ago, when I just bought my first PC.
2. I never used *nix. The reason is that I never find enough time to learn about it. And I don't want to use some OS I don't know how to secure.

when we look at thees two statements then you will see why would I prefer Win Box to use.
But that is personal. Someone else has more experience on *nix and know how to use most of it.

Back to the primary topic of this thread.
I think that overal of cracked/hacked/compromised *nix systems is much larger. Why? What is the most popular web server? I gues Apache on Linux. Can someone tell me how many web servers both win or linux never were attacked succesfully? I bet not much of them. Ofcourse, no one will admit that their server was cracked, until the cracker put his own html on attacked web page.

So, what realy matters in this whole thing is not who made OS. It is who use it, and how much the targeted box is known to the world.

Guess what, it is realy easy to make box safe, no matter what OS is on it. Unplug the telephone/network cable from it, and make restricted access to its keyboard/mouse.

huh, I started to talk to much, and everything is going to wide.. time to go to bed