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Thread: Boot windows from a CD problems!!

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    Boot windows from a CD problems!!

    Hello ppl!

    I have windows XP Pro in this PC ( Portuguese Version ), the CD its not original, but this PC suports CD Boot from the BIOS ( Its a PIII 800 with 3/4 years or so ) and it supports, but when i put the Windows CD on it says: "Boot from CD: none" and restarts...and i have to use the damm 6 boot disks wich take forever to complete.. :\

    Here are the images of the Content of the XP CDs ( the first is the Portuguese Version, the one im using now, and the other is the English version, also i have another one that has SP1 but its the same..dont boot ), both the CDs when inserted on windows load normaly, the screen appears, all, but from DOS dont boot..:\ what is the problem? :\

    thanx ppl!

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    Not as Cd-Rom are Bootable..
    Make Custom CD who is Bootable is not easy either.

    1) Check if your cd-rom is bootable with a legal Xp CD.
    2) Check if your Custom CD boot on another computer.

    You should help you solve your problem.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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