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Thread: PayPal in Legal trouble?

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    PayPal in Legal trouble?

    Apparently paypal is in trouble for mishandling money and not following the rules.
    The complete email i recieved is attached so you can read and decide for yourselves.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! never used the service and I knew there was a damn good reason why..... good luck to those of you who did. And I know the reason why you used it, convenience.

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    Oh great, I'm excluded from the class because I'm not from the good ol' US of A. Nice to know Paypal cares so much about its international customers.
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    I just got the same e-mail. So its legit? Why is it asking not to phone the court about this notice? Also, what does it mean for me? I'm in the US and i've had a paypal account between that time. What do I have to do?

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    Hey Hey,

    I have seen this also... it showed up in my mailbox the other day. Can anyone actually verify its authenticity? I had just taken it to be another scam...

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