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Thread: Review on MKS-Vir Antivirus Software

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    Review on MKS-Vir Antivirus Software

    I would like to share with our members my independent review on MKS-Vir antivirus Software. This is a relatively new antivirus software which has drawn interest on different forums..
    Installation - Went smoothed with no problems. Registration process clear and quick to activate.

    Resources: After Reboot my resources wer at 90% which pretty good for a older pc like mine. Now the only downside was the process in memory was 37,000kb......which caused my pc to bog down. For the newer pc out this would not be a problem at all.
    Update Module - Updates were quck and quite in detailed and clear what was being downloaded and installed.
    Main GUI - The main inteface was easy and clear to understand . Easy for the novice and a snap for the advanced user.
    Scan Engine - Performed a complete scan of my C drive which took 48min and 30 seconds which scanned 414 archives and 41,934 files. Now this I find is a bit long to say the least compared to other antivirus software.
    Detection of Virus's - In my opinion the jury is still out on this matter. I subjected about 20 of the most recent nasty's against their software and it caught and deleted them all. I also had 10 sent via email to my pc in attachment's and their email scanner caught them all.
    Now as far as detection in the wild that remains at this stage to be seen. But all in all this seems to be a very good antivirus software. And I understand they are working on a new version.
    For th ose of you that would like to test drive it here is the home page.

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    One of my fav tests is a benchmarking prog.. 3dmark esp for gamers

    your comment of scanning time is a nice guide.. but it may be being slowed by scanning deeply into archives.. this will realy bog a AV scan.. You need to compare same for same .. same machine same setup and NAV, or McAfee etc and have them scann a large folder of Zips and Rars, another exe's, another with Docs..

    All up nice idea and thanks for the info..

    one pointer.. you machine may run faster if you get the sheep out and put in some Megabytes (Mb) of RAM.. and mghz? Mhz ..jus me being picky..

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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