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Thread: Perl doubt

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    Perl doubt

    I need to send mails using a perl script but it needs Mailer.pm, which is already present in my box.
    Now I'm in a totally confused state. Can anyone explain how I send mails using the perl scripts.
    Thanks in advance


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    the last actual section of code from the second to last poster looks easy enough, but I don't know if it works. Hope it does though. Good luck.

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    Did someone say Perl? I love perl questions!

    I haven't checked the link h3rtic posted but, it kind of depends on the code that you are using. I am going to guess you didn't write the code yourself. See the thing is some perl scripts take the delivery upon themselves and send the message themselves, and others use Sendmail to send it for them.

    The better of the 2 is up to the individual. Show me the code for your script, and I will explain it to you.

    Ugh... You do know, that without working with CGI, perl isn't really used for Webdevelopment?

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