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Thread: redhat secure

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    redhat secure

    Secure RedHat!!!

    Although most linuxes are very secure you should always patch and update them because there is always a chance of insecurity and glitches and problems

    well i gatta go so i will finish this up later do not post to it i will edit on it.

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    Don't post half a paragraph and say I will post the rest later. Just wait until later so you don't look like an idiot.
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    ugh....is this some kind of joke? You know we CAN wait until you've finished the tutorial completely before you submit it....no need for this stupid ****. Spend a little more time around AO and learn the guidelines before you start posting tutorials.

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    There is a time limit on how long after you post a thread that you may edit it. And with your statement:

    well i gatta go so i will finish this up later do not post to it i will edit on it.
    Although you haven't exceeded that yet, it would be most prudent to just delete it until you are ready to post the whole thing. If not it will probably go suicidal anyway.

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