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Thread: useing AO's features

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    useing AO's features

    I hadnt a clue where to post this so I just posted it here, Neg can move it to wherever he feels, Im not fussed. Its not really a tutorial but I figured newbs might like it whatever.

    AntiOnline is a useful resource but a problem newbies always face that always grates pn senior's nerves is the lack of background in the kind of questions that are usually asked.

    If you have a question, first of all google some keywords related to your problem.

    If this fails and your questions seems pretty much like the kind that has been asked before, go to the search feature here. Try be as specific as possible if your broad search dosent yield any results.

    Once you find some good topics whilst being a member at AntiOnline keep some as reference by bookmarking them

    If you are having problems with the site of just dont like some of the features, go to the site options and see if the problem can be fixed there, if not please ask your questions about the site in the relevant forum, available questions about AO.

    If you are having problems in any of the areas regarding the conduct of other members remember you can contact the staff, details available in this thread.

    Remember you can use the Report feature if somebody is getting out of line, mods wont mention it was you if you complain about a senior so dont worry about it.

    If you want to know more about the antipoints system head on over to this thread.

    If you spot a bug and make sure its relevant go to this http://www.antionline.com/forumdisp...&forumid=16

    For some excellent security texts look here but remember many are outdated.

    A very cool feature is this RSS feeder

    Ok I'll add more, it just seems to me people arent using the features of this site all that much, hopefully it will clear up some little things.


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    So when are you going to reach puberty? 2-3 more years to go? Grow up.

    You forgot you're not supposed to post tutorials like this:

    Secure RedHat!!!

    Although most linuxes are very secure you should always patch and update them because there is always a chance of insecurity and glitches and problems

    well i gatta go so i will finish...
    One more thing...stop being a ****tard for getting negged. Get over it and try to post something useful next time.

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    If you go back to elementary school and learn some basic grammar and spelling skills it might be a sticky someday. What is your problem? You keep posting stupid stuff. Is this meant to be an ironic eff you all type tutorial? Well if it's not then you really need to learn how to work more than 5 seconds on stuff.
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    Let's make this guy a sticky right on the recently banned list...

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    Damnit, I figured my neg assignment would be the initial banning one. DAMN!
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