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Thread: Qns about laptop

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    Qns about laptop

    I am going to buy a notebook computer soon and this is the first time I am buying a notebook. I have some questions...

    1) What is the average life of the fully charged battery if I only use it for net surfing and doing light task?

    2) How long does that battery will last? Does every laptop allows the user to change the battery when it become unusable?

    3) How can I protect it from damage while traveling?

    4) How can I protect it from thief?

    Thanks for any reply!

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    If you have chosen a brand that you like, you could find out the battery
    life in the specs.
    You can get a decent carry bag for transporting it, some brands might offer
    this as part of a package, or you could get one aftermarket easy enough.
    Protection from theft depends if you use common sense, and keep your eyes
    on it at all times, and don't go leaving it just anywhere.

    This site has lots to choose
    from. Find one that you like and research the specs on it to see if it suitable for your
    hope this helps.....

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    1.Battery charge usually varies from 2-3 hours I think,it depends on model to model though
    2.Yes,batteries can be replaced...battery life usually depends on how you use it..ideally you're supposed to charge your battery and then discharge it completely before you charge it again
    3.Carry it around in those bags they usually give you,dont play catch with it and um,yeah,thats about it lol,dont subject it to any pressure of any kind
    4.There're a variety of protection devices designed to protect laptop theft,ranging from software to physical locks,depending on the make sometimes

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