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Thread: Anime?

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    Yes, I know this is quite (...totally) random. I'm just wondering if any other computer people like anime? And if so, what do you watch?

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    Oh come on man Anime has to be the basis of great cartooning. I love anime, now it depends if your into the mass liked stuff then DBZ but the smaller stuuf is what I have seen and liked, like Kenshen. Of course Ninja Scroll, AND Cow BOy Bebop.


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    yeah, i'm a fan of anime, i actually even have my own site. My anime of choice is dbz but i also like rourouni kenshin

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    I don't mean like cartoon network stuff...they butcher it to hell. I'm talking stuff thats not in the us yet, like...
    Great Teacher Onizuka
    One Piece
    Shaman King

    I'm gonna have to make an exception though...cowboy bebop was great

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    hey i like anime such as
    azumanga daioh
    love hina
    and preety much any thing thats shojo

    sign up for the manga force

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