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Thread: Is the listed website to be trusted?

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    Is the listed website to be trusted?

    I've downloaded Partition Magic 7.0 from this website--http://www.click-now.net--and installed the software on my computer. Now I'm begin to worry if this website and the free download it provides are safe. Has anyone else downloaded anything from there? Any advice appreciated!

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    It's illegal software because you didn't pay for it, so chances are yes, you are quite possibly infected with spyware.

    <restrains from a piracy rant>

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    Boo hoo, its illegal software
    It's not that it's illeal, how would you feel if you spent 2 months designing and writing/testing the program and at the end you get 5$ for it ? because everyone pirated it !

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    Originally posted here by theReaper13
    I've spent enough time coding software and getting no credit for it nor money
    That was your choice. And we dont promote piracy here at AO. Read the FAQ.

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    I'd like to introduce you to your new best friend, GPL.
    GPL and BSD licensing is different than blatent stealing of non GPL/BSD products.

    As a GPL supporter, you would think that you would be against piracy, as it is similar to a person who helps the homeless by building homes... but then says it's okay for people to go steal other people's homes.

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    warez whoring is something you must live with and will happen no matter what
    I'm a huge warez whore
    Should I send a letter to your ISP now, or later? Admitting to piracy on a very well known and respected forum is not the best of ideas.

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    it's ub3r lame sites, like this one, with massive ads that seem to be the biggest spyware bastards.
    Maybe you misread the logo, it's meant to say Antionline maximum Advertisement for a Connected World
    Maybe you should get your eyes tested my friend

    And maybe you won't be singing the same tone about warez and how good they are when your busted for doing what your so proud to announce doing....
    Maybe you need to read the site FAQ that way your time here might last a little bit longer and you might actually learn something...

    Rant over now were's my cookie..

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    Deleted all his posts, or mod?

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    Self, I made this account hoping not to get banned.. but I see my opinion is again flamed (very interesting messages) and I'm on the verge of buh-bye so off they went.

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    but I see my opinion is again flamed
    It isn't that, really. You sound like you have a good deal of intelligence behind your name due to merely how well you can type. But piracy is one of the few things here that you will really be met with hostile comments.

    Don't think we don't want you here, that's the exact opposite really But piracy(even the mention of it) violates the Terms of Service of Antionline, and we try to keep this place as clean and legal as possible so that others can feel welcome here. We aren't trying to be dicks, just to make sure the site can't suddenly be issued a warning by a company/ISP/coorporation for posting anything directly illegal.

    So, if you pirate, that's completely your set of ethics and I won't debate that, as it's your descision. But mentioning it outloud can be dangerous. Stick around, don't let things like this get too personal on you.

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