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Thread: Managing APs from Trolls

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    Managing APs from Trolls

    Just had an idea...May be more trouble than it's worth, but in theory it sounds good.

    What about refining the AP system so that once a member is banned, every neg that now-banned member had made is automatically removed, null & void? That would automatically restore innocent members' APs who've been hit by troll neg-everyone-before-I-get-banned attacks.

    When I got negged by the trolls, MsM spent more time than what she should've had too removing the unfair negs I received. If we set it up this way, it would be automatic upon banning and would save the mods trouble.

    Then again, I suppose it could have some side affects, I'm not sure. But it's an idea...

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    But trolls generally don't have enough APs to count. They usually don't survive beyond grey matter. It's when Seniors decide they want to leave and leave with a bang. There is nothing wrong with time being spent on AP investigations. Sometimes it has to be done by hand and a human making the decision than technology. Remember that technology is not the answer to everything.
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    I think it's a great idea. But fill me in -- what exactly are the negative side effect's? I don't really see any, but then again I'm half brain dead right now . Anyway's, I like the idea.

    EDIT: Excellent point MsM. I agree (except for that grey AP thing, we have quite a few member's who had some legit AP's) with what you said but I think Angelic want's to save you and JUPM the time. You guy's are a corporation and you shouldn't have to deal with petty thing's like this when you have bigger thing's to worry about. But eh, ya know.. whatever suit's ya I guess
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    As Msm said, trolls generally can't hurt any one, and if a senior decides to go on a rampage, human intervention would be the best. Hell, they might evenhave been worthy neggs in some places.
    I don't think we actually have a problem with the exception of the time that AngelicKnight was referencing, and that was a one time deal (I believe....hope).
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    Hell, they might evenhave been worthy neggs in some places.
    ^^ Yeah, that'd be a side affect like I was talking about. Good point though, I didn't consider that most trolls can only give you a grey AP box. I suppose the idea isn't too feasible then...Was good in theory though!

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    Hell, they might evenhave been worthy neggs in some places.
    It's rare that a senior member goes on a "rampage" but someone that's about to be banned probably wouldn't have qualms about negging someone that actually deserved it but b/c they have APs and can "neg back" most people would be afraid to. So there may be cases where someone just wanted to neg everyone that deserved it before they left AO...

    Honestly, this is beside the point. It's not worth it - they're just APs. The only way it would matter much is if someone on the top 10 lists went berserk for no apparent reason and negged everyone....which is rare and can be dealt with better without an automated system.

    I think we seriously need to cut back on suggestions b/c we're running admins from jupmed ragged with things that will hardly ever be used and that will never really have much functionality. I've had like 2-3 suggestions that I've tossed around that never made it into a thread just in this past month! MsM can vouch for me - I PM'd her about one a week or two ago that I *still* think a lot about.

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    Personally I'd like to see almost all traces of "banned" members removed...APs (green and red) given and received, post count turned off (but leave the posts as some have contributed before self destruction). Make it like they almost never existed.
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    i dont think you should delete the aps that banned people have given as they may have given aps that were well deserved ....

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    APs from trolls don't matter in the long run - I've been hammered by them numerous times over the years but overall I've still managed to attain the coveted 11 dots. If a senior ever goes on a rampage then the admins might want to step in and restore the APs of any members who were unfairly hit, but personally I think that's something that only needs to happen very occassionally and on a case-by-case basis.

    As MsMittens points out - most trolls don't have enough APs to count, let alone actually do anything serious to your APs/
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