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Thread: Anarchy files in the security text links

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    Anarchy files in the security text links

    If anyone asked questions concerning the subject of "how do i create a bomb" they would probly get negged into being banned. That would seem a little ironic because if you browse the secruity text files you can find instructions just for that.
    There are also tutorials for hacking, exploites and virus creation. While the hacking and virus creation files were rather out of date. chemistry doesn't go out of date.Why would there be info and instructions for subjects that are not allowed in the forums posted in the security text files section?

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    Good point dude. Those text files have been around for years. Long before this place became a public forum so thats why they dont really fit into todays scheme of things.

    they have been around for years and are outdated with the way the site is now

    this is no longer an underground site ... or undergroundish?! site .....

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