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Thread: Bicycle song is the best!

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    Bicycle song is the best!

    ( Bicycle song is the best) Turn up the sound!
    Two Americas

    What: Haircut
    Cost: $1,000
    About: John Kerry Reportedly Spent More Than $1,000 To Get Haircut.

    What Ride his Bicycle
    Cost: $8,000
    About: Kerry’s Serotta Bicycle is $8,000

    Where: Fox Chapel, PA
    Cost: $3.7 Million
    About: Kerry's suburban Pittsburgh estate includes a nine-room colonial and a nine-room

    carriage house.

    Where: Washington, DC
    Cost: $4.7 Million
    About: When in the nation's capital, Kerry lives in a 23-room Georgetown town house.

    Where: Ketchum, ID
    Cost: $4.916 Million
    About: Kerry's ski retreat is a 15th-century manor imported from England and later

    reassembled in Idaho.

    What: Fly the Jet
    Cost: $35 Million
    About: The Flying Squirrel, Kerry's Private Jet, has an estimated valued of $35 Million.

    Where: Beacon Hill, MA
    Cost: $6.9 Million
    About: Kerry's primary residence in Massachusetts is a five-story, 12-room town house

    located in Boston's exclusive Beacon Hill.

    Where: Nantucket, MA
    Cost: $9.18 Million
    About: Kerry's vacation home in Massachusetts is a three-story, five-bedroom waterfront

    retreat on Brant Point.

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    kerry is a looser of that i have no doubt. but the money, homes and 'stuff' belong to/was paided for by his wife. rich people buy expensive stuff and if bush has his was their 'stuff' will be more expensive. her i hold in high regard. prior to his "presidential" move she was quoted as saying something to the effect that democrats were screwed-up and ted k. was not to be trusted. so shes supporting her husband in his endevors.....admirable! she tells reporters to "stuff it"...my kinda girl. not good for johnny i suppose, but i guess support can only go so far. when this election is over i wouldn't be surprised if she dumps him for all the embarasment hes caused her.
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    When did it become a crime to have a wealthy family in the United States? If Kerry was living on welfare, he'd be criticized for that too.
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    Well kerrys money doesn't come from war time collaboration with nazis like bushes grandaddy presscots http://www.nhgazette.com/cgi-bin/NHG...Bush_Nazi_2tts did. Kerry also earned his money in the army while george was awol (probably to busy doing lines and boozing it up)
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    Link doesn't work lumpy.

    Bush already fessed up to the booze days.

    On one hand, I have to agree with Deb though, I'm not concerned with Kerry being wealthy. There are plenty of reasons not to elect Kerry, but that's not one of them. If he has that kind of money to spend and came about it honestly, more power to him. On the other hand, it doesn't help his "I'm for the little guy!" image much.

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    Bush: (At least what he reports to the government)

    Also, Bush's 1,583-acre ranch near Crawford, Texas has a man-made lake stocked with bass, seven canyons and miles of creekfront. (Thats not elitist?) (http://www.factcheck.org/article.aspx?docid=224)

    Anyway, Forbes (http://www.forbes.com/2004/02/13/cx_da_0213kerry.html) says that if Kerry is elected he will be the third richest president behind:

    1. George Washington None* 1789-1797
    2. John F. Kennedy Democrat 1961-1963

    But why does having a lot of money effect him as a president?
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    Kerry and Edwards being rich bastards doesn't mean crap. What is funny was listening to all the talk about the bush wealth and his power from the do gooders of political mayhem 4 years ago. Then electing someone WORSE to represent their collective mass. But hey, anyone but Bush right?
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