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Thread: Drive D : <Not installed>

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    Question Drive D : <Not installed>

    Hi all!!!

    Newbie here and I've got problems!!!!

    Some background : I'm not a computer tech just a guy who likes to defeat problems on my own when they arise.

    What: I came into a laptop FREE!!! It has no cdrom and is running 95. Well, not anymore as I formatted the harddrive. I have an external dirve that I've been able to get seen by the computer but I get the following:

    USB CD-ROM support enabled
    CD-ROM : 'Iomega cdrw64892EXT3-C'

    USB Drive support enabled
    Drive D : &lt;Not Installed&gt;

    Bad command or file name

    Now up to now I've created a modified Config.sys file to see the USB and CD-Rom drive but I don't know how to get the D drive assigned to the CD-ROM?

    Any help would be mucho appreciated!!


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    mscdex.exe will assign the drive letter. It should load in the autexec.bat or you can do it manually at the command prompt. You need to make sure it's copied to your diskette. Looks like you need some spaces in between the command and the switches, btw.

    I forget the exact syntax but if you type in mscdex /? it'll tell you what to type.

    This brings back some long forgotten information, thanks now my head hurts. hehehe
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