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Thread: Anyone interested in a new gaming section?

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    Anyone interested in a new gaming section?

    I guess I'm kinda asking who wants one and if the mods will set one up. I notice the occasional talks in GCC and elsewhere about what gaming hardware people have and what games they play for example the lastest Doom 3 post in GCC. Could we setup a section strictly for this? I know this is another step away from security and that is the basis of the site. But, would it be so bad to have an area for those of us that are into gaming too to have a place to talk? Without having to stray from the AO community?

    Any opinions....

    I don't expect my suggestion to have much weight but maybe some of you senior members will pick up on the idea.

    And, if this is an issue that's been talked about before I want to apologize I did a search though and didn't find anything


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    Hrmm.. Why not use the Hardware forum? (gaming hardware) and/or Operating Systems (for effects of games on OSes)?

    I'm putting forward the suggestion to you about the possibility of using what's existing before we consider creating a completely new forum. We actually don't have that much discussion, from what I've seen, on games themselves.
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    I'm against it also!
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    Yeah, I understand your reasoning, but it wouldn't fit here. Remember that AO is a security website, so gaming doesn't really come into play unless there's a security issue (i.e., XBox's growing popularity as a hacker tool, interesting tidbit I learned recently). Granted we have GCC, but we don't want to get too general and broad in topic range, lest we loose our focus on security.

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    Understandable, I figured I would get such a response but thanks guys.
    See you on the boards

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    Granted we have GCC, but we don't want to get too general and broad in topic range
    I read that seniors don't like topics that are way off topic, that they like to keep it computer/tech related, so i think gaming threads would fit perfectly in GCC, since they are computer related !

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    Well, there is a whole another world of computer gaming that is in a way related to security: Cheating. The cheaters of popular online games use, in many cases, the same techniques to get away with cheating in their respective games. I have watched this go on for a few years now, and it is very amusing to watch the tit-for-tat between cheats and anti-cheats, and usually only a matter of time before some hacking method/technique appears in their programs. For me, I found it fascinating to see how these things work, and this might could be an interesting place to discuss it.

    Just a wild idea :/
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    Those are good arguments...Hmm...We need a poll here...

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    Just use GCC.

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    Originally posted here by AngelicKnight
    (i.e., XBox's growing popularity as a hacker tool, interesting tidbit I learned recently).
    hey ,tell me frankly ,what really brought you into computers????i can say many of us were 1ST into games and then into security ,rite ,so what is the harm in putting up a bulliten board, atleast we can catogorise the game post put up in hardware and GCC section.

    i am with it

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