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Thread: writer sasser virus arrested

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    writer sasser virus arrested

    today i've heared on the radio that in Germany an 18 year old boy is arrested, the boy is responsible for the sasser worm and it was also said that the boy also was reponsible for over 70% of the virusses on the net..

    it is told that the guy faces 5 years in jail, but it wouldn't be a surprise if he will get a very good job offer.
    at least the net will have fewer trouble of the virusses with him put away
    but i must say i admire him for his knowledge, writing so inventive virusses which reaches the whole world and do so much damage. but i will NEVER approve it, don't get me wrong.

    just thought i would share it with you guys.

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    Better late then never i guess..

    also said that the boy also was reponsible for over 70% of the virusses on the net..
    But i do find that very hard to believe that 70% of virus's written were the product of this one person...

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    gee, then the news is pretty slow in our country , and then to think that germany is an hour drive, it's just next door...

    and yes, i find find it hard to believe too, maybe he is chatting with other writers and they've exchanged sources, and then when they arrest him, they found sources of a lot of other virusses on his computer and therefore assume he wrote them....

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