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    UK Section

    I do not know how feasable this may be but a section some where for UK members, related to UK issues.yes I have thought about the arguements Eg, every nationality will want something specific to them. The vast majority of members are from USA, I was thinking more of things related to the differences in the politcal and educational systems that would be more relevant to uk members, a wee place that enniss,v-l, mark boyle and others could be confined to(locked up in)--just a thought--as I have said previously, AO does make you think
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    You mean UK members only access ? or ?

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    Last I remember this was the world wide web... and computers in general is like a vast topic that everyone can enjoy. What does this have to do with where you live?

    Americans are to much of fascist anarchists for you to handel or something? Blah... if you've got something to say then just say it, dude. Cosmos, GCC, conferencing, or PM a few people or do whatever... it's all around and ready to be used. And for what you are asking, isn't this why these things exist in the first place? I'm tired of people asking JupM to make new features then a week or so later it's forgotten about.

    Its gotten so that atleast every two to three weeks someone asks something new to be added because they are bored... the site has changed so much... and nearly all of the original members I've hung around or can even remember from way back in the day are now gone. For god sakes, leave AO the heck alone & quit trying to turn the site into a even larger distorted monstrosity.

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    Americans are to much of fascist anarchists for you to handel or something?

    Well I just spent 20 minutes trying to think of a fascisto-anarchical manifesto, and I failed..........the only vaguely anarchist regime I can think of was the Taliban mob in Afghanistan?...........fascism demands order does it not?

    However, I think that the Specialist has a good point in that there are conference rooms? but I once again must take up the Specialist's point that the internet/WWW is international, so it would be counter-productive to try to compartmentalise ourselves?

    I would rather see all Trolls put in a sandbox that we could rake every morning

    Anyway, Scotland has one set of laws, England and Wales another, and we all have European ones over the top?

    The main problem that I see with creating different sections is that people will just think "nothing to do with me" and ignore it.......

    I have personally learned a lot from the contributions of people from other countries, and think that such interaction is an essential part of the AO Community.

    just my thoughts

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    fascist anarchists = In the States if you attempt to rob a home, then trip on something laying around near the stairs, you could sue for millions. Or commit very violent crimes... then get book deals, a massive fallowing, which then leads down to a pushed parole hearing.

    In the U.S. pigs and liars dressed in suits & ties... make up random laws (which most people end up breaking without arrest) and this is all to protect freedom & economic prosperity? wtf...

    If you protest in the "freedom of speech zones" near the white house... you are promissed by the goverment to be protected from being shot, beaten, and gased. HAH!

    But what im mainly getting at is... at the same time people are willing to go to protests, eat pounds of food with wrappers & packageing which end up being tossed on the ground, take craps in and outside of port-a-potties, then compain about the enviroment they are liveing in and how children aren't eating enought.

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    Uh-oh, someone hit a button on Specialist.

    Let me add that though most of us aren't UKish, we're still interested in seeing what's going on over there. So if the room was UK only, you all would be way too secretive. We can play too ya know! A conference room, certainly, but I still think we can all benefit from seeing UK stuff posted right smack on the front page with everyting else.

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