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    CGI Security Compilation

    Greeting's AntiOnliner's. Recently I was helping a friend look for information on CGI (Common Gateway Interface) script's, coding, and the overall language itself. While searching I found some rather useful and beneficial compilation of information I figured I'd share with you guy's. It goes over security threat's/vulnerabilities, security hole's, an introduction to CGI, and some more useful information about CGI. Something I myself found quite interesting was this line from the "CGI Security Course: Part One" section of the compilation:

    Why Use CGIs?

    The purpose of CGIs is to extend interactivity to the HTTP protocol. Without CGIs, a web server is not much more than a gopher server. Static web pages can be served, and that's all. No interaction. No dynamics. Today, CGI programming is the heart of Web creativity, and is largely responsible for making the Web as popular as it is.
    Anyway's, I'm not going to go more into the website, view it for yourself and enjoy it here.
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    Thanks , this will surely help in my documentation.
    Excuse me, is there an airport nearby large enough for a private jet to land?

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    CGI Security ??

    check this page and you will find a document about CGI security

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    check this page and you will find a document about CGI security
    You took a Phrack article and posted it on your site? Impressive... :/

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    yes this is a phrack file

    i have alot of CGI security papers but i don't have time to modify them and put them online

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    What’s the point of putting them on your webpage if there are already on a more famous webpage and you did not write them?

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