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Thread: Adware = Evil!

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    Originally posted here by Relyt
    IMHO it's all about money:

    Adware, Spam = making a dollar = people spending money and motivating the economy = votes.

    Virus, trojan, etc. = taking the dollar = people spending money only on AV, etc = pissing off voters.
    RELYT: You NAILED IT! All about the $$$money$$$. The only reason why adware and SPAM exists is because DUMB people click the ads and/or purchase the CRAP they sell! If they stop...the SPAM and adware will stop...or at least slowdown.

    Education IMO will make a big impact but you still need controls of course.

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    Porn + IE + Anti-Malware = Both Spyware and Ad-ware.

    This equation keeps me safe, and should minimize your targeting.

    Just keep away from suspicious things -- use common sense.

    I find that both Ad-Aware 6 and Spy Sweeper get the job done. If you use IE remember to enable Shields> Internet Explorer> Check IE Tracking cookies Shield. (This would be on Spy Sweeper.)

    I've come by people whom don't use anything to protect their Network or personal computer. Just take the time do lock it down, its well worth it. It'll pay in the long run.

    First you listen, then you do, finally you teach.
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