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Thread: Microsoft to start releasing SP2 8/6

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    Exclamation Microsoft to start releasing SP2 8/6

    Hey -- i am putting in 2 e-mails i have gotten from MS just to let everyone know that they might have a tech support disaster tomorrow...

    cliff notes version: microsoft is releasing sp2 to 25000 users starting 8/6 until 8/25 and then will be opening up downloads from there. SP2 will be released as a critical update so it will be automatically installed unless configurations have been altered

    The TAMs are currently discussing with the Security folks the classification of XP SP2 as a critical update. This may cause varying levels of concern for customers in that that some Enterprise and Education environments may be affected after the release of SP2 due to Automatic Updates being turned on, or Software Update Servers not being the redirect point for clients rather than Windows Update.

    For that reason I wanted to give you a heads up regarding some documentation already out, and some documentation that will be released prior to SP2 being released.

    Impact On Customers When Automatic Updates Are Enabled For Windows XP SP2

    Information on Automatic Updates and how it can be configured can be found in Knowledge Base article 306525:


    Because it is possible for Automatic Updates to be configured to download and install updates automatically, once Automatic Updates are enabled, administrators may witness an impact on their networks and systems as Windows XP SP2 is downloaded and installed automatically.

    If this happens, customers may observe the following effects on their systems and networks:

    · Slow network and/or system performance due to downloading and/or installing Windows XP SP2.
    · Network connectivity and/or compatibility issues due to the automatic enabling of Windows Firewall by the Windows XP SP2 installation.

    · Application compatibility issues due to changes in Windows XP SP2.

    Resources To Assist Customers In Controlling Automatic Updates in their Environment

    Customers who are concerned about the potential impact on networks and systems of Windows XP SP2 being installed automatically by Automatic Update can take steps to minimize or eliminate the effects of Automatic Update in their environment. Resources that are available to help with this include:

    · Customers can follow the guidance in Knowledge Base article 328010 to configure Automatic Updates to disallow automatic updates on client systems. That article is available here:

    Some ways this can be accomplished include:
    o Registry changes through a logon script
    o Registry changes of managed clients through a Systems Management Server (SMS) package
    o Group Policy in Active Directory

    The Windows Group will release a package of information to assist customers with controlling Automatic Updates in their environment on or around prior to the date it will be available on the Download or the Windows Update site. This package will be available on TechNet and contain the following tools and resources:

    · A script to disable Automatic Update entirely
    · A script to enable Automatic Update but specifically not download Windows XP SP2.
    · An .ADM file to control Automatic Update through Group Policy
    · A Link to a special Windows Update page that controls the settings for Automatic Update.
    · A whitepaper with instructions on all the tools and options.
    here is the second message i got (which also gives a link to where you can order a sp2 cd)

    Ongoing meetings have delayed the RTM date… until Friday Aug 6th (and possibly Aug 9th) in an effort to minimize issues and ensure high quality downloads. This is the new posted schedule:

    8/6 Released To Manufacturing (RTM)

    (note: may slip to 8/9/04)

    8/6 released via Automatic Update (AU) as a Critical Update with a limit of 25,000 downloads

    (Note: Automatic Update distribution will begin on a limited basis immediately. On August 25th, the rate is scheduled to increase to a maximum rate of 2.5M per day. The selection of which users will be able to complete Automatic Update is random and thus any user inside an organization that has Automatic Update enabled could potentially be upgraded to SP2 starting on August 6th).

    8/7 Binaries propped to the Download Center

    8/25 released on WUv4 and WUv5 (Windows Update websites)


    Additional information on XP Pro Sp2 is available at: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/pro.../winxpsp2.mspx

    Order CDs at: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/d...efault810.mspx
    [edit] the hyperlinks did not all work correctly - they are fixed now[/edit]
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    Hmm...I just read today that M$ is delaying release of SP2 to later this month. See news links below - postings are anywhere from midnight last night to 1 hour ago.

    Conflicting news from the M$ camp...anyone know different?

    Regardless it will be a nightmare for M$ support AND company's IT/IS folks!


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    Just one question: What are they thinking?!

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    that is what we have been trying to figure out all day -- we had to call some emergency meetings and do some disaster planning because we were not ready to impliment sp2 and were not going to adopt it right away...

    i think i am goin to go hire a psychic... they would probably have more anwsers right now

    but yeah -- this news is straight from the M$ TAM, so i can guarentee that it is accurate (if anyone wants me to fw them the info that i got i can, but it is pretty much copied and pasted into the thread)
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    Well **** I have all of our 2 servers plust a 3'rd one in a remote location set to download automatically.

    I was kinda thinking though of downloading SP2 on one computer and then seeing what happens with it (not a mission critical server).

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    i figure i will make this statement now before i tell everyone individually:

    I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but i figured it would be better to know now than to come in tomorrow and find that overnight all your mission-critical servers restarted because they won the lottery. Please keep in mind that your chances of being picked right now are about 1/10,000 and i think the people with the fastest connections will be the first ones to get it... I hope that some of this information that i have shared will help you prepare for the worst and hope for the best (this seems to be our mantra when dealing with microsoft)
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    I'm happy that I need to approve new update downloaded by my SUS Server!

    P.S. I would pack greenie djscribble but it won't let me! Sorry.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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