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Thread: Mozilla Vulnerabilities

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    Mozilla Vulnerabilities

    Secunia Advisory: SA12232
    Release Date: 2004-08-05

    Highly critical
    Impact: DoS
    System access

    Where: From remote

    Software: Mozilla 0.x
    Mozilla 1.0
    Mozilla 1.1
    Mozilla 1.2
    Mozilla 1.3
    Mozilla 1.4
    Mozilla 1.5
    Mozilla 1.6
    Mozilla 1.7.x
    Mozilla Firefox 0.x
    Mozilla Thunderbird 0.x

    Mozilla has confirmed some vulnerabilities in Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, and Mozilla Thunderbird, which can be exploited by malicious people to cause a DoS (Denial of Service) or compromise a vulnerable system.

    This has been fixed in the following versions:
    * Mozilla 1.7.2
    * Firefox 0.9.3
    * Thunderbird 0.7.3

    Make sure you update your Mozilla software!
    Read Advisory
    Neon Security

    It\'s time to put an end to malicious code & black hat hackers - Use a firewall and anti virus!

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    Whew, thank you very much for the update. I also have it checked so it automaticly updates itself. It checks or updates periodically !

    Thank you again !

    Also a link to recent found security issues with mozilla.


    And a ver nicee list of known Vulnerabilities.


    Worth checking it !

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    Thanks for the update. I actually was having some problems with FF 9.2 and I didn't know what the heck was causing it. Occasionally when I would click on a bookmark, Firefox would just sit there. Even after I clean the whole computer with Xen, SpyBot, Adaware, etc, etc, nothing would happen. However, when I would try the same address on another browser and it would immediately go there.

    So your timing was perfect. Rather than trouble shoot the critter, I just uninstalled and downloaded 9.3. It zips along quickly with my dsl.

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