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Thread: Getting on IRC and Useing it.

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    Getting on IRC and Useing it.

    Getting on IRC and useing it.
    BY: kryptonic

    Ok so i got bored and well i know its been covered before but I decided
    to write a tut that will Cover everything from downloading installing and
    useing IRC to basic commands.

    What is IRC?
    IRC (internet relay chat) is a chat system that lets people connect anywhere
    on the net to join in live discussions.

    What is a good IRC client?
    I use Xchat. I would recommend that because it is simple to use. It works both
    on Linux and windows. This tutorial will be done useing Xchat.

    Where can i download Xchat?
    Xchat can be downloaded at . Choose the proper
    package to download. If your on Windows download Windows version under precompiled

    Ok now that you have downloaded Xchat go install it. If your on windows its easy
    and straight forward. If your on linux its a little different. Ill run through the install.

    1.Unpack the archive it will look something like tar -xzvf chat-x.x.x.tar.gz or
    tar -xjvf xchat-x.x.x.tar.bz2 (replace the X with version number)

    2.Run the configure script
    cd xchat-x.x.x

    3.compile the program.

    4.Log in as root and install the program


    (enter password)

    make install

    Getting on Xchat.
    Ok now that we have installed Xchat we need to connect to a server. For this were going
    to use

    1.Go to the Xchat drop down menu and click server list.

    2.Click the box entitled Edit mode.

    3.At the top next to Networks is a add button click that and then type martlev.

    4.then go over to the right where it says servers and click add. Then type

    5.Click the connect command. After it connect go back up to the dropdown menu and click window then channel list.
    click refresh the list and then click on #lobby. You can join multiple channels by typeing #lobby,#chat,#help
    just put a comma between the channel names.

    6.Another way to get into a channel is to type /join #channelname (replace with the name of the channel)

    Ok now we know how to connect to servers and get into channels. Now its time to learn some of the commands you can use.

    General Commands
    /join-use to join a channel /join #lobby
    /part-use to leave channel /part #lobby
    /leave-same as part /leave #newbies
    /quit-use to quit IRC. A message may be added to the command, but is optional. /quit goodbye
    /whois-use to get info on a chatter. /whois kryptonic
    /whowas-use to get info on a chatter that has left or changed their nick. /whowas kryptonic
    /who-shows nicks, addresses, and optional user info if available for users on a channel /who #lobby
    /names-use to see the nicks of users in a channel /names #lobby
    /msg-use to send a private message /msg kryptonic hello
    /query-opens a new window for private dialog with a nick /query kryptonic
    /nick-use to change your current nick so change kryptonic to kryptonic_ i would use /nick kryptonic_
    /me-use to have *yourname does something* so *kryptonic says hello to everyone* would look like /me says hello to everyone.
    /away-use to set an away message /away at work
    /list-use to get a list of all channels on the server /list
    /invite-use to invite someone who is on IRC to join you on a channel /invite kryptonic #lobby
    /ignore-use to prevent someone from talking with you /ignore kryptonic
    /mode +i-use this to set invisible mode. /mode kryptonic +i

    /mode +o-give someone ops /mode #lobby +o kryptonic
    /mode +b-ban someone by their address from a channel /mode #lobby +b *!* (not correct address format)
    /mode +m-set the channel mode to moderate..only ops can type in channel /mode #lobby +m
    /mode +v-after setting to moderate the user can be given permission to speak /mode #lobby +v kryptonic
    /mode +s-makes channel secret. Wont show up in channel list /mode #lobby +s
    /mode +p-makes channel private.Channel cannot be joined unless an invite is issued /mode #lobby +p
    /mode +i-makes channel invite only /mode #lobby +i
    /mode +t-restricts channel topic changes to ops only /mode #lobby +t
    /mode +n-prevents messages from outside the channel being sent to another channel /mode #lobby +n
    /mode +l-limits the number of users per channel /mode #lobby +l 10
    /mode +k-sets a password for the channel cannot join without typing /join #channelname password /mode #lobby +k kryptoniciscool

    CTCP and DCC Commands
    /ctcp ping-ping a user, a ping is used to determine the amount of time it takes for your signal to get to another nick and back /ctcp kryptonic ping
    /ctcp version-used to determine the type or name of the IRC program a user is running /ctcp kryptonic version
    /ctcp finger-finger gives additional info about a user /ctcp kryptonic finger
    /ctcp userinfo-gives about the same info as finger /ctcp kryptonic userinfo
    /ctcp clientinfo-tells you what functions are active on the user client /ctcp kryptonic clientinfo
    /ctcp time-checks the local date and time on a users computer /ctcp kryptonic time
    /ctcp whateveryouwant-LOL you can make your own ctcp commands by typing something like /ctcp kryptonic is uber 1337 LOL
    DCC Commands
    /dcc chat-use this to start a private chat with a user /dcc chat kryptonic
    /dcc send-use this to send a file to a user /dc send kryptonic filename
    /dcc get-use this command accept a file from a user /dcc get kryptonic filename
    /dcc list-use this to get a listing of active DCC connections /dcc list

    Well thats it. I put alot of work into this so I hope you guys like it.

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    This is very good for newbies, but as you said, it has been coevered too many times and can be found on any IRC website.

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    You also forgot to mention that to use X-chat with windows, you also need Active Perl. At least, mine won't work with out it.
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    Ive used X-chat without active perl on windows. Well I dont think perl was installed atm.

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