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Thread: nec2510 problem

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    nec2510 problem

    I 've recently bought a NEC 2510 dvdburner. When i placed it in my computer, winxp recognized it and installed it. But now when i want to burn a cd or dvd., the computer recognize it only as a normal dvd player. I burn cd's with Nero. I bough the burner without any software. The drivers weren't neccecery because the computer recogniced it as a NEC2510.


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    I would still download the driver and install it. Thats like when windows installed my HP Office Jet, it worked fine but printed some weird characters, when i installed the correct drivers, it was working fine !

    Try it with the drivers installed, if the problem persists, post again

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    You wouldn't happen to be in europe would you? I just searched around for thirty minutes on the nec website and google and figure out that you are probably talking about a nec nd2510a that is only listed on the website for NEC. Which has no online support for the dvd writer by the way. May I suggest you go to your profile settings and add a flag for the country you are from and also list the full model name from now on. Here's the support number if you are indeed in Europe.
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    I changed my profile.

    I have solved the problem.
    Nero didn't recognize the new dvd-burners.
    So i installed the newest version of Nero.
    And then it worked.
    Something i could figure out of my own actually

    Thanx anyway

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