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Thread: client/server

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    Question client/server

    hey guys i'm a real newbie =X
    hopefully not for long though, im starting to read all the

    to start out, i'd like to start using sub7 or a better client/server program (NOT FOR BAD REASONS, honestly). AND NO, I'M NOT A STUPID KID WANTING T KNOW HOW TO 'HACK', i just want to be able to control my work computer from home and still look kinda cool hahah. the only problem is once i set up a server i can't connect to it and it's kind of pissing me off. if anyone has a step by step guide or something for a newbie like me trying to set up a client/server protocol(?) the help would be MUCH appreciated.

    sorry if i broke any rules i know you guys are strict on that whole 'illegal' thing but i dont think this thread would qualify me to be banned. hell i'm only 'breaking' into my own system right? ..... right? :X


    just too slick baby

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    Not if the company is the owner !

    Why not try the legal way ?

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    no $

    i'd rather do it the free way and learn how to do it :]

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    You do know when you run the sub7 or any trojans server, that you open the doors to thousands of script kiddies using sub7 to connect to your machine ? And you know what can happen next, they can either, damage your machine at work (and you get fired ) for allowing them that in the first place, or they use it as a zomibe and attack other computers, in which you cause damage to even more computer and get more in trouble !

    Think about it man

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    hmmm.... i c

    maybe i'll save some cash for the legal way hahaha
    but i still wanna know how to do SOMETHING remotely not just through a third party providing all the tools

    i don't know... i just have this curiosity about remote access
    oh well, curiosity killed the cat

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    Yeah, really think harder about what you are doing. Also, try do do these things on your own. If you want to learn, experiment away, but don't get mad when what you experiment with blows up. literally, of course.
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    arg nevermind, im too intimidated by the abundance of information on security. i guess it's just not for me... i don't even know where to start. it feels like im in second grade and everyone else is a junior in high school talking about algebra and im doing addition :\

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    but i still wanna know how to do SOMETHING remotely not just through a third party providing all the tools
    Ask a friend to experiment with, of course after the experiment remove the trojan Or if you can get another computer, hook them up and disconnect them from the internet, and experiment that way (on your own small network) or try it on your own machine, use localhost or as the IP.

    If your wondering how they work.

    How Do Trojans Work?

    Trojans come in two parts, one on the attackers machine and one on the the victim's. It usually modifies the Registry, which means it will start up automatically each time the computer is switched on. The attacker will then connect up and start using the trojan to communicate with the victims PC, usually without the victim knowing. The trojan hides somwhere in the PC's files and will listen for incoming communication. .

    It's necessary for the attacker to know the victim's IP address to connect to his/her machine. (IP or Internet Protocol is the language used by computers to communicate across the net) Each PC has an "address" allocated by the ISP each time you are online, unless you are on ADSL / Broadband, when you have a fixed one.

    "Many trojans have features like mailing the victim's IP, as well as messaging the attacker via ICQ or IRC. This is used when the victim has dynamic IP which means every time you connect to the Internet you get a different IP (most of the dial-up users have this). ADSL users have static IPs so the infected IP is always known to the attacker and this makes it considerably easier to connect to your machine.

    "Most of the trojans use Auto-Starting methods so even when you shut down your computer they're able to restart and again give the attacker access to your machine. New auto-starting methods and other tricks are discovered all the time. The variety starts from "joining" the trojan into some executable file you use very often like explorer.exe, for example, and goes to the known methods like modifying the system files or the Windows Registry. System files are located in the Windows directory and here are short explanations of their abuse by the attackers:

    The report then lists file and registry details.

    Basicly, you send them the server file, of course you change the file name to like let's say Norton Patchv34.5.33 or picture.jpegsomething When the victim runs the server, the server file opens a port o whcih the sub7 listens, when it sees it open, you connect thourgh it and have control over the machine ! Thats like the shortest version how they work

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    I've never used gotomypc, but there are free remote desktop applications. I don't know if there is anything special about gotomypc, but I find most of the VNC programs satisfy my needs.

    Check them out .

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    You want to design your own client/server app?
    Want language do you have in mind?
    Client/server apps, contrary to popular beliefs, are relatively simple to implement.
    One word for you, sockets!

    If you really want to learn something stay away from ready built client/server apps and have a go at designing your own.
    Start with learning a programming language, id recommend a OO(Object Orientated) based language e.g. C++, Java, do a search for socket programming, and try out some of the sample code in your IDE.

    Dont be jumping in at the deep end and trying to write a client/server app that will control a remote box. Start with writing your client and server code and getting the two to communicate.
    Once youve achieve this you can start experimenting with the issue of issuing remote abitrary commands.

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