hey guys i'm a real newbie =X
hopefully not for long though, im starting to read all the

to start out, i'd like to start using sub7 or a better client/server program (NOT FOR BAD REASONS, honestly). AND NO, I'M NOT A STUPID KID WANTING T KNOW HOW TO 'HACK', i just want to be able to control my work computer from home and still look kinda cool hahah. the only problem is once i set up a server i can't connect to it and it's kind of pissing me off. if anyone has a step by step guide or something for a newbie like me trying to set up a client/server protocol(?) the help would be MUCH appreciated.

sorry if i broke any rules i know you guys are strict on that whole 'illegal' thing but i dont think this thread would qualify me to be banned. hell i'm only 'breaking' into my own system right? ..... right? :X


just too slick baby