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Thread: Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    This is a quick guide to shortcuts using your keyboard .. some of these are very well known and some aren't as well know. Before attempting this I did a quick search and it came up with not a lot.

    Keyboard shortcuts. [These are all tested on Windows XP]

    This tutorial assumes you have a microsoft keyboard ( one with the winkey[ the little key with the microsoft flag on it])

    With all the winkey shortcuts, keys are all pressed at the same time.

    1. Winkey + E = If you press the winkey and the E buttom simultaneously it will bring up Windows explorer.

    2. Winkey (by itself) = If you press the Winkey by itself it brings up the start menu [the same as moving your curser over the start button and pressing it].

    3. Winkey + D = This shortcut minimizes all windows and shows the desktop

    4. Winkey + D [again] = If you press the winkey + D to minimize all your open windows and show the desktop you can be taken back to where you were by pressing the winkey + D again. In other words it will bring up all your windows again exactly how you had them.

    5. Winkey + F = This allows you to do a search. The same as, Start > Search > Find files or folders.

    6. Winkey + L = If your using Windows XP this will lock your computer

    7. Winkey + M = This minimzes all open windows in much the same way as "Winkey + D" does

    8. Winkey + Shift + M = This displays all windows how you had them before you did "Winkey +m"

    9. Winkey + Tab = This allows you to cycle through all the buttons on the task bar

    10. Winkey + R = This brings up the "Run" dialog box [Start > Run]

    11. Winkey + F1 = This brings up XP's help and support center

    12. Winkey + Pause Break = This brings up the System Properties dialog box

    13. ALT + TAB = This allows you to scroll between open programs

    14. CTRL + ESC = This does the same as pressing the winkey button on its own (it brings up the start menu)

    15. CTRL + C = Copy

    16. CTRL + X = Cut

    17. CTRL + V = Paste

    18. CTRL + ALT + DELETE = Windows Task manager (in XP)

    While there are many more "Shortcuts" that can be added to this very basic tutorial. These are the main ones. Most programs such as MS Word, Wordpad, Internet Explorer etc... all have their own shortcuts aswell .. however the ones in this tut are not program specific.

    I hope this helps some people navigate through windows quicker and easier

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    i found that if sometimes ctrl+alt+del doesn't work, you can use Ctrl+shift+ Esc .!

    Tx for the shoertcuts !

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    Cool I learned some things.
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    I learned too . I never knew any of those winkey ones.

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    oh well glad i can help lol

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    well isn't that spposed 2b on the M$ website lemme check out........

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    they might have something similar on the M$ website but let me assure you I did not use M$'s website at all to compile this little tutorial ..

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    Glad to see the Win + Pause/Break in there - not a lot of people know that one!

    The only ones I can think of to add are Win + F3 - search, Win +F4 - Opens address bar and CTL + L - Document or web site search.

    Not a bad little tut!
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    I knew most of the shortcuts, but admitedly there were a few I had no clue about. Nice tut!!

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