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Thread: Problems with long URLs

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    Problems with long URLs

    Example: http://www.windowsecurity.com/articl...vironment.html

    When I post this, it adds in extra characters (I assume for dealing with a space between the / and H but also adds in a br tag. Even if I try to create an active link it does this.

    Is there some other way we can deal with long urls?
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    heh.. I saw you and Jinxy play with them links in that thread..

    I remember that a couple of years ago I experienced simmilar trouble here..
    If I recall correctly JP told me it had something to do with the line-break part of the BBcode engine..
    That part is there to break up long stuff so it doesn't interfear with the layout..

    I do recall he fixed it back then.. dunno how come it's back now..
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