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    Amun Ra its not really a matter of having respect for seniors but the whole AO community. IRT you dont go cold into a group of people that dont know you, ask a stupid question in a redicules way and start arguing with anyone that doesn't say what you want to hear, you'd be luck to walk away without getting the crap kicked out of you. sane people go into a group, hang back for a bit and observe how people relate to one another and whats considered good conduct or bad. its no differant here or anywhere for that matter!
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    Actually, I can understand why this guy got pissed. He asked a question in a (somewhat) legitimate manner and explained his intentions once more in a reply to Tedob. Instead of getting the answer he's looking for, he gets a sermon. If someone asks a question purporting to be legitimate and we give him an answer, IMHO, it's not our concern what he does with the information. If you do want to give him advice, give it to him along with some information. He's more likely to heed your advice if he thinks that you know what you're talking about. Or if you don't like it, simply don't reply.
    This isn't directed at any particular member, least of all TS, because I happen to have a lot of respect for that old fart .
    OK, as for thekit, check out these two links to understand more about null sessions and how to enable/disable them. Out of respect for TS's wishes, I will not directly be telling you how to "hack" a computer using null sessions. However, the information is out there for you to find.


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    cgkanchi ...your wrong!

    his first post reads: someones hitting my honeypot and i want to break into them. he was only concerned with null sessions because nessus told him he could break in that way. i told him if someone is attacking him they more than likely dont own the machine hes seeing. i then let him know in no uncertain terms he'd be an ass-hole to break into that machine (still thinking him to be a responsible person who would never think of breaking into the machine of someone that meant him no harm). if you concider that anything less than good advice with the info that was given...well we all have opinions. personally i think any responsibe person perceiving what he was suggesting would advise against it.

    he then comes back changing his story telling me i cant read what he didn't write and still trying to give the impression (poorly i might add) that this is still somehow his responsibility (which it turns out it isn't). TS chastised him for being so reckless and gave him good advise. harshly but well deserved for someone in a position of responsibility doing such foolish things.

    your right in stating we are not responsible for what he does with information we give him and if he had siad: "ive got a few machines on my network that are about to be re-formatted and id like to use them to see for myself how they can be hacked..." at the beginning he would have gotten the answers he was looking for instead of looking like an SE or administrative retard.
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    What i want to know is how can i connect with a null session
    I was using Net use g: \\host\"" and hten password "" but that doesn't work. Am I even on the right track?
    The machine is going to be taken and formated likely, but that isn't up to me anyway
    Do you know what position i have at my work?
    You gotta be the janitor or something, right???!???
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    WOW He got 4 reds!!! What a lucky guy, eh? I think it's cool to see people with 4 reds... It's more interesting than 3!!!
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