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    Thanks everyone for the ideas. I actually do put the time in to think about each idea, and one good idea I've seen was the installations with "less used methods". I like that.

    I've also had a few chats over email with members for more ideas. Thanks again, and keep ideas coming, I get bored.
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    Also, one of the most confusing things I have faced and I belive new *nix users overall face is the setting up of partitions. I have also done just 2 partitions, / and /swap. I know that also creating partitions for /home and others create levels of security and utilize the whole ability to use the partitions, I have no idea why or which ones to create.

    Maybe a tut on partitions with a lenghty explaination of not only how but why.

    I would look forward to that.

    I also have had a chance to read through some of your tuts and have found them to be very good. I look foward to more.

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