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Thread: MS Awards "America's Least Decisive Person"

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    MS Awards "America's Least Decisive Person"

    Just had to share this one, it's too much. This excerpt was quoted in the weekly article my preacher writes (we talk about strange things at my church ):

    [40-year-old Mary Lord of Hollywood, California] was recently awarded the title of "America's Least Decisive Person" by the Microsoft Network's Sidewalk website. Lord takes the art of vacillating indecisiveness to new heights:

    * She never makes a move without first flipping a 1955 half dollar.
    * She flipped the coin 30 times to decide if she would get married, but it didn't work out.
    * Whenever she eats in restaurants, her friends have to order for her because she can never decide.
    * She has never had a cavity, because she can never decide what type of candy to eat.

    Lord said she doesn't know whether she's happy to be America's Least Decisive Person. On the bright side, consider her bitterly ironic grand prize: an open-ended plan ticket to anywhere in the U.S.
    That only leaves me with two thoughs: 1) How'd she make it 40 years, and 2) Why the heck does MS give out this award?!

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    More importantly, how the heck is she going to decide where to go with that open-ended ticket!
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