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Thread: Install knoppix

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    Install knoppix

    Knoppix is a bootable cd with a large collection of GNU/Linux software that runs completely of a cd with out having to partition your harddrive for some people putting the cd in and rebooting the computer just to use it starts to become a big pain in the ass and it will free up your cdrom drive for other things so in this tutorial I am going to show you the steps needed to install it on your hard drive
    If you don't have knoppix you can download it free from www..linuxiso.org or www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html

    ***you will need a 700mb CD to burn knoppix***

    Installing knoppix
    when knoppix has finished booting up open up the console and type in su to become root

    then type knoppix-installer
    if you are using a older version of knoppix type in knx-install a dialog screen will come up telling you that this script will
    "Install knoppix on your hard drive"

    If you donít have any partitions on the hard drive you will be asked if you want to
    [list=1][*]Partition the harddrive[*] Quit the program[/list=1]

    A dialog box will come up this program is QTparted, this will allow you to partition your harddrive
    your swap file should be at least 128 to 256 mb
    and your linux partition should be at least 2 Gb or bigger

    If you make a mistake or wish to change the size of a partition just click on device then select undo this will delete the partition that is currently highlighted
    once you have finished creating your partitions click on device then select commit and Qtparted will then format the new partitions you have created

    After qtparted has finished the formating the harddrive a new dialog box will come up listing the following options
    [list=1][*]configure Installation [*]Start installation[*]partition[*]load config[*]save config[*]quit[/list=1]
    choose the first option
    and then choose your system type
    [list=1] [*]Beginner : multiuser system with hw-detection (perfered way)[*]Knoppix knoppix system like from cd [*] Debian: debian like system (old installer way)[/list=1]
    After you make your choice and then press ok
    A new dialog box will come up and will ask you where you want to install knoppix select your choice and then press next

    then a few more dialog boxes will come up asking you to fill in various things such as your name user name user password Etc

    once you have finished filling out all the dialog boxes that come up you will be brought back to the main menu
    This time select option 2 to begin the installation of knoppix.

    A dialog box will come up showing you the choices that you have selected from the previous dialog boxes if you wish to change any of these now is the time to do it so read everything in the box.

    If you are satisfied with the choices you have made click on the next button to begin the installation (this may take awhile to install depending on the speed of your machine)

    After the copying is done you will be asked to create a disk choose yes or no

    you will then be brought back to the console window if you haven't closed it just type in reboot or click on the K and choose restart and your computer will reboot and donít worry knoppix will give you a chance to remove the cd before it reboots the computer once you have removed the cd just press return or enter and it will reboot
    after it has rebooted you will have installed knoppix on your computer.

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    Thumbs up Great article!

    Thanks a lot for the great instructions. I plan on using them to play with debian version. That and pebble on a old system as a mock ap

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