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Thread: Atlantis has been found!

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    Atlantis has been found!

    Atlantis has been found, but how dissapointing... it's actually just Ireland


    DUBLIN (Reuters) - Atlantis, the legendary island nation over whose existence controversy has raged for thousands of years, was actually Ireland, according to a new theory by a Swedish scientist.

    Atlantis, the Greek philosopher Plato wrote in 360 BC, was an island in the Atlantic Ocean where an advanced civilization developed some 11,500 years ago until it was hit by a cataclysmic natural disaster and sank beneath the waves.

    Geographer Ulf Erlingsson, whose book explaining his theory will be published next month, says the measurements, geography, and landscape of Atlantis as described by Plato match Ireland almost exactly.

    "I am amazed no one has come up with this before, it's incredible," he told Reuters.

    "Just like Atlantis, Ireland is 300 miles long, 200 miles wide, and widest across the middle. They both have a central plain surrounded by mountains.

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    Yeah, saw that on Yahoo! New's yesterday. Was kinda disappointed too (haha val). The only grife I have with it is he doesn't seem to ACTUALLY prove his theory, he just mention's a few similiarities.
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    At least Ennis can have another excuse to party

    And as for proof: kind of hard to validate, when it's 11500 years ago, and we are still not certain of the Sphinx's origions, anything between 4 and 7 thousand years old??????
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    Originally posted here by foxyloxley
    At least Ennis can have another excuse to party
    Heh knowing ennis he will have a party reguardless if he has a reason or not.
    eventually someone will find all the answers to the sphinx and if Atlantis was truly found.

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    how sad! no crystal technology, no genetic enginnering...just beer
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    ...and it wasn't a natural disaster that overtook them, it was the
    invention of alcohol.
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    Honestly, how can anyone in 350 BC know that something existed 11 thousand years in the past? I was attracted to the headline though. Thanks Negative! The Atlantians must have used a particle beam to project information in a Greek's skull before they perished. A message projected through time detailing their existance.
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    So that leaves only one question...How'd they get Ireland back out from under the ocean?

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    All Hail the Mighty Atlantisonians, true lords of the earth and superior beings to all others on this meagre 'planet'.

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    How'd they get Ireland back out from under the ocean?
    All the empty beer kegs?
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