When I signed up for adsl with BT (british telecom) in June the first thing i asked before placing the order was "Do you have a weekly/monthly/yearly bandwith limit on your accounts?"

which i was told no they didn't and had no plans to introduce one - well guess what just got a letter through the post this morning and i quote

To enable us to offer our best possible price to customers, we have introduced a usage allowance, letting you transfer up to 30Gb of data per month.

ok so some people will be saying - "Well if you dont like it change providors"

Thats just it I can't!!!!

  • Dont have cable in my area so have to have adsl
  • Other adsl companies require you have a BT telephone line anyways so I'd still have to pay them for the line
  • I'm tied into a 12 month contract for my adsl

so i can't get away from them - even if there was another provider in my area i couldn't leave BT as am tied in with my contract. But what I want to know is how can it be deemed fair that they can hold me into a 12 month contract even though they have changed one of the most important reasons why i choose them as a provider.......surely something like this shouod make my contract with them null & void

ok so they may have a clause saying that the terms and conditions of service may change without notice in the future when i first signed up but then whats to stop someone offering 1meg adsl for £10.00 a month with a 3yr contract

wait until thousands sign up and then change the terms to say - 'oh but you have a 1meg transfer limit per month'

ok extrmeme but thats basically what they are doing - they changing one of the most fundemental things about the access and why i went for it. In my eyes its no longer about who gives the fastest access - there are alot of companies now offering 1meg or higher adsl......so i went for the one without a transfer limit - even tho it was more exspensive!!! only to find now that i have been paying extra each month for nothing and have nothing i can do about it!!!

BT SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i advise anyone else who is thinking about getting broadband to stay well clear they'll just **** you over first chance they get!