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Thread: BT at it again

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    They've actually reduced the price as well as the bandwidth. If you want unlimited bandwidth, you just pay the old price.
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    yeah i saw that as well - and it said something about how they had other options for users who needed more bandwith - if they're gonna let them just pay the original price and recieve unlimited bandwith thats ok - an extra £10 a month aint much to go from 30gigs to whatever you want


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    Telefonica (Spanish PTT) tried to do same thing here. They sold a lot of adsl and after tried to limit b/w and charge for each extra MB.
    They couldnt sustain that in a court (changing on going contracts) so:

    1) old contracts stay as they are (mine is one of those)
    2) new contracts have b/w restrictions. And more than yours (top limit is 6GB/Month here)

    They cant assign new clauses to a service without a contract re-signed. Send a letter to them telling that you dont agree and you wont pay anything extra until the end of contract. If they refuse , go to a court.

    I think the courts there are better than ours.
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