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    Thanks Nihil

    I will take this into account if I decide to purchase another AV off the shelf.

    Update, I ran in both normal and safemode; Adware, Spybot, Spyhunter, Hijack this, and Webroots Spy Sweeper. All of these apps found cookies. However Spy Sweeper found reminents of bargin buddy and my search bar. Only registry enteries though. Unrelated I think. Those two items came complimentary of a live weather bug my wifey downloaded. No big deal though. I just neutered the install but apparently missed a few registry keys.

    SFC/scannow ran without any findings.

    Off to kill Norton. Die Norton Die


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    sorry back to back posts.

    Okay, I have yet to figure this one out. Norton has been very little help over the phone. So I have returned to see if you guys might be able to help.

    The original problem still exists. Except, when I tried to remove Norton I had big problems. An AV with qualities of a virus itself. From add/remove I was able to remove liveupdate without any trouble at all. LiveReg won't uninstall with Norton Interent Security still installed. So I tried removing NIS first. After doing so it prompted me to log into norton because it could only be removed by an Admin. So I opened it up and selected my login option only to find that there is no account at all, and I could not create one. I have looked on the net in my free time to no success.

    Does anybody by chance know how norton handles it's login password stuff? Perhaps I can just break it.

    Also, I called Norton and tried a few things they were able to tell for FREE. The fu$%&ers wanted me to pay $29.95 for tech support. I told them I wasn't going to pay them to remove their software from my computer. They should also be responsible when thier product faults. I also personally logged into the different accounts on this PC and all of the NIS had the same problem. I attached a prntscrn for those interested. Towards the end of the conversation with tech support they started to run out of ideas. I wrote down some of their tactics which I will share after I get this uninstalled.

    Be safe and stay free

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    Except, when I tried to remove Norton I had big problems. An AV with qualities of a virus itself
    Thats one of the reasons I dislike Nortons. Personally, I have never used it, but I have helped a couple of people remove it.

    You have to boot into 'Safe Mode', turn the Nortons off as best you can, then run your removale utilities.

    In one case I had to use the uninstall from the program listings and in anouther actually physically delete its program files and then clean up the registry. I hate intrusive programs and Norton is very intrusive.

    Hopefully, someone will have an easier solution to your uninstall problem.
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    Okay I have since removed Norton w/out any help. I was still unable to access any type of https connections. Since I have tried everything I could think of, with some suggestions here, I decided to start from scratch. So I killed it all. Since everything I need is backed up to the T on a removable drive.

    My question is this however. https = port 443 correct? http = 80 or depending 8080 correct? If I was able to access anything that wasn't https even after norton was completley removed. What happened? What could I have done instead of a reformat? Which BTW wasn't all bad. Windows needs a reformat everynow and again. It seems to get bloated over time. I just forgot how annoying XP was out of the box. Like messenger service for example.

    Thanks to all that helped.
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