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Thread: Security Effort

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    Security Effort

    Hello AOers,
    I decided to start a project about linux security.
    I dont know much about security
    if anyone wants to help me let me know please
    This is an open source project located on http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/slacksec/
    Thank you

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    its always nice to ask people about stuff like this but i really dont know much of the project you are working on, so ur doing slackware security so google whatever info u need for exaple: iptables rules and file permissions as it sais on that site

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    Re: Security Effort

    Originally posted here by chrismfz
    I decided to start a project about linux security.
    I dont know much about security
    Shouldn't you start by learning about security before you do a project like this?
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    Hey Chris,

    I downloaded your script from the sf page..
    I attached it here, so noone will have to look, hope you don't mind.. if you do, PM me I'll remove it..
    It's gzipped, to unzip use: gunzip mafsec.sh.gz

    I have some issues with it..
    first of all.. checking..

    echo chmod ok
    echo chattr ok
    echo Network hardering ok
    echo Network optimizing ok
    echo (some) privacy and security setting ok
    echo firewall settings ok
    at the end of the script is realy worthless..

    a propper way to give some good feedback is
    echo -n "doing something "
    some command 1>&2> /dev/null
    if [[ $? == 0 ]]; then
       echo "[ok]"
       echo "[error]"
    I'd never use chattr +i at the start of the script.. I'd rather do it at the end... (helps if you ever want to change the script to add something to one of those files)

    also an "undo" would be nice..
    you could then even make it like a rc.d file (or apachectl)..

    secureme [start|stop|restart]

    Well that was all for now..
    It's a nice start.. nothing too fancy (or new) but it needs a lot of work to be of any use..
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