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Thread: Apache & ISPs

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    Apache & ISPs

    I installed Apache 2.0.50 the other day and configured it to port 82 first and it works fine for a few minutes and then it just wont work anymore online, apache was still running even after i restarted the service it wouldnt load...it only loads when i reconnect with my DSL modem and my ip changes then, i also tried changing the port to something more uncommon like 8080 and same thing happens...i have sbc yahoo dsl and all i can think of now is that they have some kind of block for this? Anyone have any other cute ideas?

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    Are you specifying the port number when you type the address in, like http://myhost.com:82 or http://my.ip.address.here:8080?

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    I type in the adress like this for an example (thats just an example)
    but it works fine for a min or so when i reconnect with my dsl, my apache ip changes each time i reconnect with my dsl (i have a dynamic ip)

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    Well, if your ip changes you just put in the new ip like http://newip:8080/

    I think I was helping you with this the other day, and I don't believe your ip was changing though. The page would load for me once or twice, then it wouldn't load anymore. I just think your ISP has put some sort of autofilter when needed thing up. I hope you get it figured out though. On the other hand, if your ISP goes to this much trouble to have your page not load for people, then you're probably not supposed to host your own webserver under their service. Peace.

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    h3r3tic: Indeed. Most home broadband services I have seen frown on hosting your own servers and I have been slapped on the wrist for that violation. I was suspended for three weeks and had to pay for the bandwidth I used. While it is nice to have total control over everything, it may be an option to pay for a business line or opt for another pipe that does allow servers albeit more expensive.

    Lastly, having somebody else hosting your stuff has gotten cheaper, and that is probably the way to go. Priorweb.be and Hostdime are good, but Priorweb.be is MUCH faster. Ask Negative for more info. He has his stuff hosted there. You will not be dissatisfied.

    hope this helps.

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