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Thread: AirPwn-WiFi packet injection tool

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    AirPwn-WiFi packet injection tool

    At DefCon a new packet injection tool for wifi was brought to attention.

    The tool is called AirPwn and a beta download is available here on Souceforge.

    The devolpers have a small demonstration including images and videos.

    It only works on 802.11b networks at this time.

    Kind of amusing, the actual test the did was the mage replacement mode using goatse and capturing peoples reactions. Take a look at the pics of victims!

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    And let us also not forget Tubgirl. Yuck! But wasn't it possible to do some of theres "string replacements" before in Ettercap?

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    i recieved an email about airpwn, seems pretty cool. someone mentioned the ability to insert .png files with that new libpng vuln. that could be a potential big threat. neat stuff.

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    Yes, but be sure that you have two 802.11b cards handy. I have tried this little tool out and indeed it does make for a very fun lunch hour. The only thing worse than goatse is animated goatse.

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