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Thread: MP3 Future

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    MP3 Future

    I found a real nice article on a mp3 player VeriTouch is working on that will hopefully be released in the near future, the 1st design, the iVue has a music player, hidden fingerprint scanner, cellphone, Wi-Fi and Blootooth wireless capabilities

    In the future when you want to listen to the new U2 song, your fingers may have to do the walking—literally. Biometric firm VeriTouch has a scheme for a new breed of MP3 player that would use built-in fingerprint readers to unlock encrypted music tracks.
    Full article here.

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    I really do not see fingerprint scanners taking off because of privacy concerns. While this may be a grand idea for control on RIAA's part, they really need to get back to the drawing board on another scheme. The last thing I would like to do is have my fingerprint scanned when i listen to a U2 song when the song is worth like $.99.... the tradeoff seems kind of moot.

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