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We could establish an actual policy (or "renew" one) that would say something like "If you see a troll, do not respond with anything other than a neg. If you see someone, *anyone* responding to a troll with a post, neg them too". I submit that someone make a general policy for all addicts and seniors and make it a sticky in the addicts forum that states something similar to that. The author of this sticky thread would need to at least be a moderator, preferably an administrator. Something like "You are an addict now, so you are held to a higher standard and you are expected to neg the sh*t out of useless posts, trolls, and people that respond to trolls". That'd be a great first step toward making the self-moderation abilities of this site more effective.
We've been having discussions on how to improve the quality of the site and how to deal with trolls. I posted that ^ in addicts and it was discussed for awhile. It was suggested that something like this also be PMd to every new addict....but that idea was shot down. It was also suggested that this could be made into a "curtain" forum or something so it forces people new to Addicts forum to read it before they have access. I think a sticky that looks special somehow be authored by an administrator and placed in Addicts with some sort of catchy subject line like "Read this or die". The body could be a far more professional version of what I wrote, plus anything someone would like to add. It has to be short and to the point though b/c stickys just don't get read b/c they're long and boring... I would *love* to see this happen, and I don't even ask to be given credit for it.