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Thread: Liero Appreciation Thread

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    Liero Appreciation Thread

    Hey Hey,

    I don't normally post in GCC, and very seldom start a thread here, but I thought this deserved mention. I'm not sure how many of you remember Liero, older (but not real old) DOS based game. To quote Freeware Gaming

    Remember Worms? Well, this is essentially a Worms clone with one major difference, instead of being turnbased, it's real-time. This makes Liero much more fun and frantic than the original Worms game. There is a total of forty weapons to master in Liero, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. There are four different play modes: Kill 'em All, Game of Tag, Capture the Flag and Simple CTF.

    There aren't that many levels in Liero, but thanks to the included level-editor you can download more levels from the unofficial homepage, or you can make your own. The only disappointment with Liero is that the CPU player is very poor.

    All in all Liero is a great game for taking out some aggression, or just for having fun!
    Being DOS based, it would run on basically anything, required almost no real power and provided hours of fun. My cousin discovered the game his first year of college (1999) and it became a standard drinking game. You die... you take a shot.... Deaths are quick and abundant in this game, so you quickly become drunk... which only makes the game more fun... Although it's also a riot when you're sober. I'm having a hardtime finding a valid download location, so I'll attach the original to this thread.

    Anyways, my cousin and I decided to play it on the projector the other day, and it wouldn't run on the projector. So we went searching on google, and found LieroX (Liero Xtreme)... It's a Windows Liero Clone. Beyond the original game, it supports mods (additional levels, skins, new weapons).. You can even make your own levels and skins. It also has network play... included in the game are the online server and client and there almost always seems to be people playing (not as many as big games like CS or DoD but enough to make it fun). If you start your own server, within 5 minutes it's full. For those of you interested in checing out LieroX.. check out http://lieroxtreme.thegaminguniverse.com/. It has downloads, mods, and forums. The game is definately a lot of fun and a way to kill many hours. It helps me get through my insomnia with ease.

    Find me on MSN or AIM (info in profile) or send me a PM if you enjoy the game, I'm always up for some head to head action if I'm around.

    Enjoy the game, and as always....

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    You could also try NIL


    Nil isn't Liero

    A couple of years ago Flamming Frandsen (Dion of Swamp) happened upon the old DOS game called Liero. He liked it so much he started reimplementing it on Linux. This was in Winter 1999. After about 5 month later he started to be so busy he couldn't resume development till now.
    Many people believed this project was dead, because there were only a very few changes during the last years.
    A few days ago Christoph Brill (eGore911) found this game and really liked it. He thought it was a shame that such a nice idea was about to wither away so he called out for help. Daniel Schneidereit (KingFish) volunteered. And the project was back alive! Sadly Daniel left the team shortly after he joined, but there still was hope. Nils Thuerey (dmncllr) had done some work for NiL, which he commited to NiL. So he brought some new features to NiL. Currently we are focusing on creating a new release of NiL.

    The game itself can be described either as >Quake in 2D< or >Worms done right< (i.e. it is not turn based). The basic game play is to eliminate or to get eliminated. Currently there are more than 10 high effective weapons and the game has multiplayer support (several players at one PC or over a TCP/IP link).
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