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Thread: VPN passthrough with Linksys

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    VPN passthrough with Linksys

    Im trying to currently create a VPN on my home network ( which is all currently Peer-to-peer settings) so that I can access it from anywhere outside our LAN. The model of our Linksys router is the WRT54GS which can supports both 802.11B and 802.11G standarads as wireless capabilities.

    I read through the User manual, but the instructions to setting up a VPN passthrough was not very informative. As much as the manual told me was that I can enable IPSEc passthrough, PPTP passthrough and L2TP passthrough for the VPN passthrough options.
    I have a basic understanding of the security protocols, but the manual does not tell me how I should access my home computer from a remote workstation when VPN passthrough is enabled as well as setting up an authentication check. More information would be highly appreciated

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    Hey Hey,

    Depending on the protocol you've set your VPN up with you'll most likely need to also enable some port forwarding... 1723 is the default for PPTP... That was the extent of what I had to do to get it working with a linksys "router" (in addition to the passthrough option)

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    If it's and freeswan/openswan/strongswan VPN you'll need a nat-translation patch..
    Should be available on the website..

    So the first thing you should do is check with your VPN manuefacturer or post the make and model of your vpn here..
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    java- You have to be running a VPN server inside of your network. Then you would just open the proper ports in the port forwarding section(advanced tab) of the linksys administration website.

    The IPSEC passthrough capability of the linksys router really just means that you can open a VPN client inside of your home network and connect to a VPN server outside of your network. If the router does not support IPSEC passthrough the VPN connection woudl fail.

    If you want a linksys router that is also an INBOUND vpn server you will need to get this one-


    the wrt54g does not have an inbound VPN server built into it. the wrv54g does. So if you don't have a VPN server already on your network and you can take the wrt54g back, I would do so.. Or you can continue to use the wrt54g and use some other VPN server.

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    jinx, if its not too much trouble could you perhaps inform me more of what freeswan/openswan/strongswan VPN are ?? My guess is that freeswan is the least secure wan option, and strongswan VPN is the most secure( i.e. blocks of websites the software considers to be illegal, could also block legit material as well)


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