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Thread: Hang on to that old car.

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    Hang on to that old car.

    The safety board said last Tuesday that, based on its investigation of that accident, the government should require "black box" data recorders in all passenger vehicles.

    The wonders of technology. There are a lot of good reasons for your
    car to have a computer, and to save data about its operations,

    This points to another problem. Who does the information in the boxes belong to?
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    I heard about this on the News over here in Aus, a few months back..
    It would be interesting to see the public reaction when they find out that there every movement in the car is going to be monitored...
    To me it's just another way for Big Brother To keep an even closer eye on us..

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    I watched a show on this, I think it was 60 Minutes, where car rental companies were using this information and GPS to catch people doing things against the rental agreement. And of course billing them accordingly.
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    they can push this as much as they want but i think its not going to come through, civil rights! I dont wanna be monitored etc...while im driving my car, no one would like that

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    I have a nice 1974 Cougar:

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    Thats sick what the rental companys do. Every time they ask " let us sell u some insurence.." No you dont.
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