For those that ever wanted to get a cert...
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Thread: For those that ever wanted to get a cert...

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    For those that ever wanted to get a cert...

    You know, I never thought these things were real.. until I found this:

    Scary! You too can be a CISSP without having a clue how to turn on a machine!
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    ****MCSE COMBO DEAL****
    Note: as an actual MCSE you first get your MCP, (5 MCP certs), Then an MCP+I or MCSA and finally, you get your MCSE; 7 Transcripts, Welcome Letter (MCSE), Wallet Card, $925
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    they seem to be an asociate of

    weird site.. I'd rather have the real thing..

    this kinda puts my views on MCSE and MCSD's in perspective :P
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