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    online college

    What is a good online college/university to get a degree in networking?

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    Can you get a degree in networking??

    I personally wouldnt try to get one online, its the type of subject you need "hands on" to understand!

    Thats just my opinion of course, im sure there are plenty of people here who have successfully got some form of networking qualification online.

    Have you got any experience with the subject?

    What country are you in?
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    Like Nokia said, alot of the classes that you would require for that type of degree (what they call 'Applied Information Technology') have to be taken in the lab.

    It really depends on where you are located, or where you are looking to go to college. For instance here in the DC area, a good majority of the local colleges offer online courses. So at the very least you can get most of your requirements out of the way and only have to take a few classes. I know a friend of mine is taking alot of online courses at Strayer for an Applied Information Tech degree. Most of the online classes involve programming or theory.

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    Thanks guys for your input. The reason I ask is because I'm a network engineer with my local county office. I did not finish my schooling, I only need one semester to go. I had been comtemplating on these online degrees.

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    If you only have one semester left I don't see why the online thing would be so bad. I think the university of pheonix has a pretty good online program. Just google for it.
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    I am an admissions advisor for a private university and I help students in your situation every day.

    Here are some things to consider:

    1. You say you only have one more semester to go, however, most (all I think) universities require a minimum amount of hours to be completed at their campus in order for you to receive your degree. Any university that does not have this requirement....I would be suspicious of.

    2. Any university that offers a networking degree of any kind ONLINE....I would be suspicious of. Networking is a hands-on program. It needs to be taken in an applications-based environment. This means hands on in the classroom and in a lab.

    3. You did not indicate which classes you are lacking to complete your degree. If they are just general education classes then online would be a good option. However, all your transcripts need to be evaluated by the university from which you intend to finish your degree. Just because you are lacking one semester at university x, does not mean you have successfully fulfilled the requirements at university y. Every school's degree plans (even for seemingly identical programs) are different.

    4. I have a letter from a University of Phoenix online student that would make you think twice about their program. You can send me a PM and I'll give you the details.

    5. You need to provide us with a little more information...then we may better be able to offer some advice/opinions.

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