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Thread: Looking for a long lasting laptop

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    Looking for a long lasting laptop

    I am currently searching for a good laptop with really long battery life, such as five hours or more. I am looking for a lpatop with at least 40 gigs of memory, 512 mbs of ram, any size screen, wireless b/g, and less than 6 pounds. So far, I have found the sony trsa and the s series which I can customize. Anyway, I was hoping somebody might be able to help me on my search for buying a laptop.

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    Give those a run and if you don't agree with what you see let me know.


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    40 gigs of memory
    damn u really mess things up , u mean space or capacity, memory is same thing as RAM

    ...anyways for the 5 hours lasting battery, why dont u just buy another pack and u would never have a problem as low on juice, say u get one of 5 hours lasting *2= 10 hours, way enough for a laptop

    Here is one i found on bestbuy

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    From readings reviews, etc. the Centrino processors are supposed to use less power (1.5V vs 3.0V) which would extend your battery life. Does anyone out there use a laptop with a Centrino processor to validate this?
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    I can't say much about a Sager's battery life (other than they sell some powerful laptops pretty cheap) - but you might like this notebook/tablet -- http://pctorque.com/2885.php

    If you get a P4 3.4GHz laptop from them, you can pretty much bet the battery won't last over an hour...

    BTW, AlienWare and other manufactuers like Sony (IIRC) get their laptop chassis from the same supplier as Sager. They just cost more at other places

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    I played with a Toshiba 5100 P4m and a FujitsuSiemens Centrino, both 1800 megaherz..

    the Centrino outperforms the P4m !! and takes up less power too (allmost same cap. bat.)

    so if you got the chance.. go Centrino..

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    My roommate has a hp tc1100 which is also a tablet. They are pretty cool lightweight does everything you need. The only drawback is no built-in cd-rom. You usuallyhave to buy a docking station and cd-rom for the dockingstation. And the dockingstations arent very portable.
    ActuallyI don't see a dockingstation for the one Tim_Axe suggested and they have a faster processor so I may look into one of those when I go shopping for a new computer.
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    Make sure to keep in mind when customizing your computer that in doing so it can add more weight.

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    There are several different mobile pentium processors you can find in intel laptops: P4-M or Mobile P4, Centrino, Desktop P4 (hard to find), et cetera.

    If battery life is that important I would recommend as others have said, two batteries or having an additional spare to swap out when one dies.

    In terms of processing power, anything will do fine, P3, centrino, P4, as long as you are not planning on gaming, I would recommend a P3 or a Centrino. If you are planning on gaming on the laptop as well, I would recommend hauling around two additional car batteries to get 5 hours.

    In terms of battery life for processing power, the lower Mhz the better. I have noticed from my personal experience that the centrino configuration of notebooks works quite well. They have the ability to change the speed of the processor on the fly to throttle it back when it is not being used as intensively.

    To maximize the amount of battery time you get out of your system, I would not recommend putting 512MB of ram into it, unless you have a specific reason that makes you need to do so. Hard drive size does not make too big of a difference, just make sure that it is a 2MB cache drive that only has a spindle speed of 5400 RPMs.

    Screen size will also make an impact in battery life. Smaller screen will give you more battery life. Also lower resolution will make a small impact in battery life as well, so go for the lowest resolution acceptable to you. SVGA will most likely be the lowest you will be able to find today.

    There are several things that will eat up your battery life once you get your laptop. Any type of 'high-end' image or video editing software that is cpu intensive, as well as any type of new first person shooter game or the like. Viewing dvd's from a disc will also use quite a bit more battery than just casual e-mail and word processor usage.

    One other thing to take into consideration will be the power of the wireless card that you will be using. If you have the dB transmitting power of the card turned all the way up or are maxing out the bandwidth (transfering files, downloading from a fast internet connection) you will also notice a significant drop in battery life time.

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